Sunday, 17 May 2009

A day off

Having decided to have a day off, I find myself browsing the National Museum of Computing web site. I first met Tony Sale about ten years ago and his enthusiasm was infectious. If you haven't visited Bletchley Park then I strongly recommend it - not only to learn about the history of computing but also the incredible work done by the code breakers during World War II. If you've got a few quid (or dollars or Euros) to spare, then consider a donation to either of these excellent organisations.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The show is over ... and web authentication bypass

Well, that's Infosecurity Europe over for another year - our 7th as exhibitors and my 11th as a speaker (I think). The new venue at Earls Court seemed to be viewed by most people as a big improvement and I have to agree - the show felt more relaxed yet more alive.

Our press conference on web authentication bypass was well received, with Computer Weekly and Infosecurity Adviser reporting the story. We'll be explaining more about this problem, which stems from poor web site configuration, at our next meeting on 15 May. The fact that the problem affects web portals as well as e-commerce sites and that even two-factor authentication is no protection makes this an important issue for discussion.